Is presented below a briefing of the professionals that make up the permanent team of AMBIOSIS S.A.

Cecilia Fernaldt Máximo

Chemical Engineer University of Santiago of Chile, Graduated in Environmental Engineering, with specialization in Control of Air Pollution in Japan, with experience in the Environmental area since 1993, either in productive industries as public entities of control,Senior Environmental Consultant..

At present as AMBIOSIS S.A. General Manager and Legal representativeShe has experience in Public and in Private Sector of Environmental Management, with participation in the control system of industrial sources emissions, also Plans of Environmental Prevention and/or Decontamination, finally she also is an Environmental Auditor ISO14001. Moreover, she has experience in creation, procedures and implementation of National Environmental Normative, in the management and development of projects with National and International public founds.

She has made contact with National industrial companies among current environmental normative checks, talks relative to the current Normative and difussion and capacitation works about environmental topics related to the industrial implementation.

She has participated in several training courses and specialization related to Hazardous Residues management: "legislation, minimization, treatment and final disposition, national and international events". Health Regulations for Hazardous Residues Management, communicational management of crisis, technical course of continuous improvement, management seminar of quality management systems ISO 9000-2000, closure of mining operations, current situation and perspectives in the management of industrial solid residues. "Holder bank Course on Environment, Environmental Strategy: Creating Business Advantage, Air Pollution Control", J.I.C.A. (Japan International Cooperation Agency), seminars and technical visits to the industrial sector, Training course and perfectioning, pollutants sampling emitted in fixed sources, environmental management and enterprise.

In her work experience stands out:

  • 1997-2006 Polpaico Group, as Environmental Coordinator, responsible for the environmental management of the Cement Plant Cerro Blanco Polpaico: Integrated Management System ISO 9001 - 2000, ISO 14001. Regularization and maintenance of fulfillment: Legal Environmental, Sectorial and Management of Clean Production Agreements. Plan development and management of hazardous residues management. Studies and environmental impact declarations. Participation in the process of issuing of CONAMA plans and standards as representative of the sector.
  • 1993-1997 PROCEFF, In charge of the Audit Unit of the Control Program of fixed Source Emissions (PROCEFF), of the SESMA, Coordinator and adviser of the project of carbonization of sawdust briquettes, developed by "Fundación Chile" and PROCEFF, in the city of Maizuru-Shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan. Development of decontamination plans of the "Región Metropolitana". Execution of studies of industrial processes, feasibility of implementing the compensation system, adapting of measurement methodologies, validation of international emission factors. Advice for the application of formal methodologies of gas measurement and reporting system and emissions compensation from fixed sources. Development of related studies: Regulations in force in Chile on environmental pollution. Influences of the properties of fuels on emission of particulates material. Evaluation and selection of equipment to control air pollution.

In 2010 as a Teacher in University del Desarrollo, Laws School, post-graduate for Environmental Law in courses:"Quality Law and Emission Laws as Static Instruments for Environmental Law. Prevention,emergency and decontamination Plans. DS 138","Air legal protection. Air chemistry, Atmosphere composition, Pollutants Concentration, Type of Sources, Technical Parameters".

Between 2006 - 2007 as a Teacher in University Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Management and Political Sciences School, Environmental Manager Engineering Degree, in Santiago, Rancagua and Pichilemu. "Business environmental Management", "Environmental quality and management", "Atmospheric pollution" and "Clean production" courses. Also guide teacher for Thesis related to Emissions inventory, Integrated systems for management, Atmospheric emissions inspection improvement".

Juan Carlos Bordones Nuñez

Mechanical Engineer, University Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile, 1989, Postgraduate in Management and Environmental Planning, University of Santiago, Santiago, Chile, 1992. Professional with 21 years of experience in emission inventory studies, has been involved in numerous projects of technical assistance and investigative.

In his work experience stands out:

  • Chief of the Licensing Unit Control of the Program of Fixed Source Emissions (PROCEFF-SESMA) during 2 years, standing out their participation in the technical committee of the COREMA and development of important studies of industrial processes.
  • From 1997 to 2000 he served as a Project Engineer at the National Center for the Environment (CENMA) participating in the implementation of the design and development of the Management System of Emissions Inventory (SAIE) to the "Región Metropolitana" supporting the Santiago Decontamination Plan and the Modem system to estimate of atmospheric emissions from mobile sources nationwide.
  • From 2000 to February 2007 he served as Head of Unit of Studies Policies and Development of the Executive Secretariat of Environment and Territory of the Ministry of Public Works, highlighting their participation in the development of regulations of and emissions from mobile sources in the development of energy efficiency program and sustainable construction.
  • Among his work includes the study of the emission inventories of greenhouse gases and climate change.
  • He has served as Specialist in Inventories fixed sources, areal and mobile route on out of regional inventories V, VI, Calama, Tocopilla, Ventanas, Gran Concepción and Región Metropolitana, developed by CONAMA and the first national emissions inventory of fixed sources developed by MINSAL.

Since 2007 he serves as Technical Manager at AMBIOSIS S. A.

Also he is a DICTUC external consultant to the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and taught in the field of Cleaner Production (Undergraduate Program) at the School of Engineering at the same university. He was also teaching in the field of Corporate Environmental Management in the Engineering Environmental Management Implementation at University Academy of Christian Humanism.

Fernando Sepúlveda Berguecio

Execution Environmental Engineer, National Institute of Professional Training, INACAP, under the supervision of the University of Concepción. He has a Post Graduate Specialization in Environmental Pollution, at the University of Chile, Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In addition to a specialization in Solid Waste Management and Waste Water in Environmental Sanitation Center of Japan and Japanese Ministry of Health, Tokyo, Japan, and a specialization in Hazardous Waste Management, performed in the Institute for Research and Development of Hazardous Waste in Franconia, Schwabach, Germany.

In his work experience stands out:

  • He also has 12 years of experience in business management Rialto Environmental Consultants, from which is a founding partner, performing consultancies in various areas of environmental management, highlighting implementing and steering of studies and environmental impact statements, permitting environmental projects related to solid waste management.
  • He is a consultant for the Engineering Enterprise INGENDESA SA on issues related to environmental permits sectorial Aysén Hydroelectric Project, as part of its Environmental Impact Study, currently being in process.
  • He is consultant of the National Commission for the Environment, in the development and implementation of the proposed "National Register of Emissions and Pollutant Transfer - RETC".
  • In addition he is an attached professional of the company Ambiosis S. A. and external consultant of SISTAM Engineering companies, in various issues, especially in regard to compliance with environmental health regulations and projects of diverse nature.
  • Emphasizes his involvement as Project Manager in environmental audits Oil Refineries and Pipelines, of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos, YPFB, for Inspectorate Chile Company, under the Contract by the investment bank Paribas in New York, for the Government of the Republic of Bolivia, 1999.
  • He previously served for 10 years in the public sector, in areas of auditing and environmental management, particularly their participation in the General Coordination of Concessions of the Ministry of Public Works, and the head of the Industrial Waste Unit Solid PROCEFF, SESMA.
  • He also was an external consultant of DICTUC of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and taught in the field of Cleaner Production (Undergraduate Program) at the School of Engineering at the same university. He was also teaching in the field of Environmental Policy and Management in the Engineering Environmental Management Implementation at University Academy of Christian Humanism.

María Verónica Jiménez Salinas

Computer civil engineer from "Universidad de Chile", with experience since 1993 in private as public companies.Experience in: management, technical pre-sales and development of computer systems for environmental area and industrial area with procedures of automatization and e-business.

In his work experience stands out:

  • Worked as Manager of the Record area (computer science) in the Fixed Sources Emissions Control Program for more than 2 years (1993-1996), she was responsible for the maintenance and control of data originated by Fixed Sources, also the development of internal data systems that were related to the emissions declaration and sources stoppages in emergency and pre-emergence events.
  • Since 1996 worked as Project Engineer in DPA Ingeniería Ltda., developing Management systems of production to customers (industrial area), that were focused to the capture and handling of data obtained from the automatization of industrial processes.
  • In 2000 joined to North Supply Business covering activities of Technical Presales Engineer,Project Manager and Project Engineer on Internet technologies.
  • Since 2002 worked as Freelance Consulting Engineerin different areas as banking, real state, e-bussines, industrial, retail and public.
  • In 2007 rejoined to DPA Ingeniería Ltda. as IT Area Manager.
  • In 2013 began to work in AMBIOSIS as Project Engineer until the present day.

Iván Sepúlveda Ahumada

Engineer in Environmental Management of the National Institute of Professional Training (INACAP), March 1994.

He has the technical knowledge as field supervisor, sampling of emissions from fixed sources, validation processes of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), environmental management applied to the company, training in official sampling methodologies, audits of laboratories of measurement, generation and review of emissions reports; development of calculations of atmospheric emissions from various industrial processes, assessment of compliance with emission limits of fixed sources. Preparation of balance sheets Review of air quality monitoring systems, generation of reports and audit of air quality monitoring stations. Management and environmental compliance in the management and destruction of waste. Operational control in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial solid waste. Environmental and quality management systems, preparation of manuals, procedures and instructions.

Know the application of the technical and administrative regulations that regulate environmental management in Chile (Law of Bases of the Environment, Regulation of the Environmental Impact Assessment System, standards of quality and emission of pollutants, decontamination plans, sanitary and environmental regulations ) and knowledge of environmental and health institutions and related organizations.

Senior professional with 25 years of experience in the management of emissions monitoring of fixed sources, validations of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), environmental consulting, training in sampling methodologies, audits, emission reporting systems, air quality , evaluation, sampling, measurement and calculation of atmospheric emissions of various industrial processes. Supervisor of sampling in fixed sources.

He has experience in the management and destruction of waste, performing advisory, leadership, personnel management, operational control, customer service, preparation of proposals and preparation of manuals, procedures and instructions for quality management and environment.

He is an Environmental Inspector authorized by the Chilean Environmental Authority (SMA) for sampling and measuring atmospheric pollutants, Supervisor Authorized by the Health Service of the Metropolitan Region for Isokinetic Measurements of Particulate Material and Gases (continuous and discontinuous). Rapporteur of various courses related to environmental issues, environmental management, environmental compliance.

He has extensive experience in advising various companies on environmental matters, assessment of emissions, reports, audits and training to measurement laboratories. He has done consultancies in the Waste Management of Health Care Establishments.


Marco Antonio Tavera Peña

Graduated in communication sciences, Universidad de Lima, Peru, 1991. Diploma in strategic Marketing from the Instituto Peruano de Marketing, 1993. Marketing consultant and Entrepreneur. Director of ProMarket consultants. Experience of 29 years in development and implementation of marketing strategies and communication in various companies with activities in: hotels, restaurants, entertainment, education, products of mass consumption, e-commerce, government institutions, intangibles and nongovernmental institutions in Lima, Chiclayo, Trujillo and Ica.

In his work experience highlights:

  • 2003 Head of CRM Project (Customer Relationship Management) for Hidrandina, Trujillo. Development of program of loyalty and benefits for customers of the company of the electricity distribution in the city of Trujillo.
  • 2006 - 2014 Marketing Planning to launch important businesses in the city of Chiclayo:
    - Gastronomy and Peruvian culinary art school, EGAP
    - Gastronomy school, Cumbre
    - Las Pirkas Resort & Zoo
    - Hotel Puerto del Sol Pimentel
    - Hotel Casa de la Luna
    - Garza Hotel
    - Sunec Hotel
    - Las Musas Hotel
  • 2007 Institutional Image Consultant, Delegation of the European Union in Peru. Planning journalistic strategy and contact with the communication media to disseminate the projects of the European Union in Peru, through the week of Europe, and publicity campaign for the closure of Project "Amares" co-directed between the Ministry of health and the EU.
  • 2011 to date General Manager, LaGroup Soluciones Creativas S.A.C. Management Company, company for the category of "outdoor", commercial architecture, BTL supports design, BTL design and planning advertising campaigns, among others.
  • 2013 Communication Advisor for Interclima 2013. Communication advisor for interclima event 2013. Development of graphic media, modules and information materials. Coordination of data basing for registration of participants to the event.

He is currently a Legal Representative of the Branch of Ambiosis in Peru and speaker in subjects of hotel marketing, tourism and social responsibility. Member of 'PrensaTur' Peru. He has recently forayed into diffusion of environmental management as guest editor in magazines directed to the hotel and restaurant segment.


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