Since October 2007 AMBIOSIS S.A. has the representation in South America of the continuous monitoring equipment "CODEL International Ltd.". This begins a new area of work in the environmental consultancies field to the tracking of atmospheric emissions of particular matter and fumes in stationary sources, as the emissions of mobile sources in tunnels, which allow the operational control and optimization of the installations operating.


               1. DCEM2100 Opacity/Dust Monitor

               2. Energy Tech 201 CO & O2 Analyser

               3. Energy Tech 301 Dust Monitor

               4. EnergyTech 401 CO Monitor

               5. EnergyTech 501 Ambient Smoke & Dust Monitor

               6. GCEM40 In-Situ Gas Analyser

               7. GCEM40E Extractive System

               8. VCEM5100 Flue Gas Flow Monitor


CODEL tunnel sensors are designed exclusively for road tunnel applications. Our range of sensors provide all the essential measurements necessary to monitor and control the tunnel atmosphere. Available as stand-alone sensors or integrated into a network system, CODEL's tunnel sensors are installed in over 350 road and rail tunnels worldwide.

Due to the nature of tunnels, pollution from vehicles, Carbon Dioxide, Nitric oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide and fine particles, can cause occupants in vehicles a range of respiratory problems especially Nitrogen Dioxide which is very toxic. Fine particles can gather on the lungs but, if they are gathered in dense concentrations, they can reduce visibility considerably producing a significant driving hazard. Road tunnels present operators and regulators with a number of safety issues due to their enclosed nature.

One of the key issues is ventilation as road tunnels contain a number of toxic gases as well fine particulate which are emitted from the tail pipes of vehicles. Operating ventilation systems is a major cost item to tunnel operators and accurate and reliable tunnel atmosphere monitors only trigger systems when they are needed to clear pollution:

The main pollutants monitored in road tunnels are:

  • Carbon Monoxide.
  • Nitric Oxide.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide.
  • Visibility monitored as K (extinction coefficient).
  • Flow is also monitored to control air Flow.
  • Light Sensors.

CODEL offer a number of different options for monitoring tunnel pollutants both single and multi-channel. We also offer an extractive range where the analyser is located outside the tunnel bore.

               1. TunnelTech 100 Series: Visibility and Cold Smoke Monitors

               2. TunnelTech 200 Series: CO, NO, Visibility & NO2 Air Quality Monitors

               3. TunnelTech 300 Series: Air Flow Monitors

               4. TunnelTech 500 Series: CO, NO, NO2 Electrochemical Cell Monitor

               5. TunnelTech 600 Series: Luminance & Iluminance light sensors

               6. TunnelTech 700 Series: CO, NO, NO2 & Visibility Electrochemical Cell Monitor

               7. TunnelTech 800 Series: Cross Tunnel Flow Monitor




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